Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sparkling Water Market In France

The market of sparkling water in France is a concentrated market. Even if we can easily find a lot of brands at the supermarket, we can see that the main players are Danone, Nestle, Roxane and the own labels.
As we can see on the chart below, the percentage of the market share in volume in hyper and supermarkets are leading by Salvetat and private labels with 17% each, Perrier with 16%, followed by Badoit with 14%, and San Pellegrino with 9%.
In 2011, after that Danone invested 6 million euros in Salvetat bottling plant, not only Salvetat became the first brand in volume on the sparkling mineral water market, sales in the mass-market retails had reached 190 million of liters, Salvetat has seen an increase in volume of 30% to reach 15,5% of market share in September 2011, but also became the leader on the sparkling water market. In second position, Perrier (but first in value) remains in growth (+1,7%) with 13,8% of market share while Badoit lost 1,8% with 12,5 of market share. However, in value, Perrier remains first thanks to the many formats proposed (cans, bottles etc.), whereas Salvetat only propose a 1,25 liter plastic bottle.

Source: - retailers panel according to the manufacturers

According to a survey made by the magazine Journal des Femmes: “what brand of sparkling water is your favorite? ”, most of people drink Badoit and Perrier (19 % against 17 %), followed very closely by San Pellegrino with 13%. Badoit and Perrier grab about one third of customers.

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